Hello, my name is Morgan.

I think of the world as constantly falling apart and putting itself back together. That’s also how I think of my art. In flux, fluid, evolving.

I’m a self-taught painter, and all-around maker with a background in design. I’ve exhibited in galleries across the US, and have contributed to the landscape of NYC by painting commissioned murals all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Ongoing influences include an interest in metaphysics, consciousness, blurring physical and digital reality, cracking every bone in my body, and mental health.


I post new work all the time on Instagram: @MORGOMETRY

 Forever in flux. It’s really all about about perspective.  11”x14” watercolor, acrylic and ink on archival paper  Flowers for all the mamas out there! You are loved and appreciated. Happy Mother’s Day   Tonight tonight! Come celebrate the earth and the art we make inspired by it. With work from myself, @rochellejmarch and @taradeporte on view at @midomagallery - with guest speakers and performers! 7-9 PM at MIDOMA 545 8th ave, suite 750  Watercolor, ink, acrylic on archival paper. Continuing attempts at capturing growth and motion ✨
 Growing forms with some water, air and earth Acrylic, watercolor, and ink on archival paper  A little paint on an already trippy photo of @thelizbrennan and now she’s a sorceress   Showing this piece at @cadafnyc this weekend! It’s one of my current favorites, especially since @faultfracture made an amazing AR experience, and @buzzex designed sounds to really take it to the next level   Happy Earth day, Earthlings!  On Thursday night, I’ll be participating in my first Art Battle (@artbattle ) at @houseofyesnyc in a little corner of the planet we call Bushwick ✌ and if you want to come I have a limited number of promo codes, so lemme know and I’ll hook you up
 Navigating waves  Detail of 11”x14” acrylic and ink on archival paper  I am a podcast junkie. So when Suzanne from @theleftbrainartist asked me to come on the podcast and talk about my work, I said heck yea. The episode I’m on comes out today! Also here is a painting of a brain gut thing from a couple years back 🧠    Join me for the opening reception of the environmentally themed group show “on Earth” this Saturday, May 4th from 7-9 PM at @midomagallery (545 8th ave ste 750)with work from @taradeporte and @rochellejmarch - plus special guest speakers and a pop up shop!   On Earth So excited to be a part of this environmentally themed show with @rochellejmarch and @taradeporte On view from April 20th - May 28th with a reception on at @midomagallery on the evening of Saturday May 4th. Hope to see you there! ✨