Hello, my name is Morgan.

I think of the world as constantly falling apart and putting itself back together. That’s also how I think of my art. In flux, fluid, evolving.

I’m a self-taught painter, and all-around maker with a background in design. I’ve exhibited in galleries across the US, and have contributed to the landscape of NYC by painting commissioned murals all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Ongoing influences include an interest in metaphysics, consciousness, blurring physical and digital reality, cracking every bone in my body, and mental health.


I post new work all the time on Instagram: @MORGOMETRY

 Workin on something fuzzy and funderful   Petals and puddles  The sway and flow, and it all comes together ✨ Acrylic on archival paper  Inky swirly particle simulation and digital painting collab with @simulationlab 🦑 We’re also cooking up something really cool with @graffiti.collective - updates soon!
 Overthinking overpinking  Growing some chrysanthemums   Loops hoops and wiggles 〰️  All the excitement and the swishing around. Digital fishies and textures, drawn on an iPad ✨
 Repost of a mock-up from @grandstreetbid of this banner I created for them! Can’t wait to see these babies up along Grand st    Some wiggle room 〰️ Pixels on touch screen (digital painting)  I made a snake friend. Slithery and full of cotton ☁️  ☁️  Repost from @3rdethos_gallery - backyard chillin while the rain takes a break! Peep my moody fish and moon in the background ✨