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Hello, my name is Morgan.

I think of the world as constantly falling apart and putting itself back together. That’s also how I think of my art. In flux, fluid, evolving.

My process is very organic. Some of my work is premeditated, but not always. Usually, I begin with an abstract line or shape on the page, and allow it to grow and evolve into a full image. Ongoing influences include an interest in feminism, the macabre, mortality, metaphysics, consciousness, mental health, and the occult. 

I post new work all the time on Instagram: @MORGOMETRY

 Progress on the exterior of @upnorthbk   Part of my incredibly hard to photograph, but pretty cool installation at @elementsfestnyc  ⚡️  Playing with cutouts for an installation at @elementsfestnyc with @simaxiom next week ✨  Rad lily pad
 One more shot of a piece under blacklight from the Metadada collection. So yum. This baby baby is sold- I’ill miss her!   In case you missed my overactive Instagram story yesterday, let me catch ya up! I am a nervous / excited mess, and I bought a blacklight in preparation for an installation at @elementsfestnyc this weekend. And I am obsessed.   Pinko ginko  Another week in bloom
 Saturday’s installation. Metadada took over a gigantic silo, with paintings, AR, projections, and a malfunctioning fog machine at @elementsfestnyc Can’t wait to do more cool things with @simaxiom  photo by @braddevins of @ow.ley  So many things to do, so little slime!  More progress at UpNorth  Free floating