Hello, my name is Morgan.

I think of the world as constantly falling apart and putting itself back together. That’s also how I think of my art. In flux, fluid, evolving.

I’m a self-taught painter, and all-around maker with a background in design. I’ve exhibited in galleries across the US, and have contributed to the landscape of NYC by painting commissioned murals all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Ongoing influences include an interest in metaphysics, consciousness, blurring physical and digital reality, cracking every bone in my body, and mental health.


I post new work all the time on Instagram: @MORGOMETRY

 Pretty much the only time I will pose for a picture in front of a mural is if I painted it myself. Ran into this old friend yesterday while enjoying the weather, and showing off these spontaneously purchased gigantic sunglasses. Thank you @faultfracture for indulging me   Shifting tides Work in progress   “I heard that brains are the consistency of ripe avocados, and you can scoop them with a spoon” says lil fish to big fish, blowing his squishy fishy mind.  ☁️ Stretchy cloudy sketchy ☁️
 Another shot of the work in progress. She’s coming along!  (Also it’s my birthday. I am also a work in progress. My progress is much slower than this painting, and way less focused. Wish me luck.)  Little cloudy drawing sitting on little yarn clouds ☁️ Acrylic and ink on Yupo paper  Doodles from paradise. Hasta la vista, Puerto Vallarta!  I’m so happy have these pieces featured in the Art and Design Gallery at @fitnyc  the show is titled #IMPACT: the Future is Inclusive Reception tomorrow night, Tuesday feb 12 from 6-8 PM. See you there! It’s a wonderfully diverse show coordinated by @cjyeh and on view until March 5 ✨
 Oh my texture! Experimenting with new methods of creating blurps and blobs   A digital piece on a day already riddled with technical difficulties. I offer this to the silicon spirits 🤖  Hi me Morgan me make stuffs   Side view piano progress! It’s happening babyyy @singforhope  ✨